About us

Banana and plantains are known for their antiquity and are interwoven with Indian heritage and culture. Owing to its great socio-economic significance and multifaceted uses the plant is referred to as "kalpatharu" (Plant of Virtues).

The green banana flour is made from unripe banana by a simple process of complete dehydration & pulverization, without any use of additives or preservatives. The flour is gluten-free, easy to digest , fat free, dietary fiber-rich flour. It has exceptional nutritional and nutraceutical qualities as it is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, resistant starch, and antioxidants and that can be a cure of many maladies.


We at Platano are committed to providing healthy and nutritious food to everyone. in this quest, we are experimenting on our traditional grains and Green banana flour to come up with new flavor and variants of healthy cookies and other snacks item.

Platano has National Research center for banana (a unit of Indian council of agriculture and research) as technical know-how partner. Our processes are hygienic and we are committed to providing premium quality products. Most of our raw materials are procured directly from the farmers thus promoting sustainable growth.

Join us in our passion to serve healthy and nutritious food to everyone.